Sitting is the new smoking! In the same way that sugar, toxic fats and foods that irritate our intestines are making us sick, obese and unhappy, excessive sitting belongs in the same category. Extensive sitting is just as harmful (if not worse!) as smoking cigarettes is for our overall health and wellbeing!




According to WHO, 60 to 85% of people in the world lead sedentary lifestyles, making it one of the more serious yet insufficiently addressed public health problems of our time.

Just think about much YOU sit in your daily life... Don't we all have the sitting disease?

The reality is we can't avoid sitting all together but we can create better eating habits and more awareness around this problem and take personal responsibility when it comes to our lifestyle choices.



This eye-opening book will help expand your knowledge of healthier foods and better lifestyle choices and gives you more options for every day healthy living, despite your physical inactivity. Annemarie is living proof that despite her lack of mobility; she can still feel fit, vital and healthy and have an amazing radiance and appearance.


Let Annemarie, AKA "The Sitting Chef" inspire you, and help save you from the harmful effects of excessive sitting with her recipes, insights and secrets and greatly improve your sedentary life!

Annemarie de Vries-Postma, AKA The Sitting Chef

The harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle: 1. Double risk of cardiovascular diseases
2. Diabetes
3. Obesity
4. Increased risk of colon cancer
5. High blood pressure
6. Osteoporosis
7. Lipid disorders
8. Depression and anxiety
9. Allergies and skin problems
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annemarie de vries-postma
The Sitting Chef
A Practical Health Guide for everyone who sits too much

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